10 Best Cheap Forex VPS for 2024

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Are you in the market for a cheap forex VPS hosting provider?

You’ve come to the right place!

In this guide, you’ll:

  • Learn about the vendors we’re particularly bullish on.
  • Find out their best traits and flaws.
  • Discover the areas where they stand out.
  • Understand what an FX VPS really is.
  • See what to consider when choosing a budget-friendly VPS host for FX trading.

Without further ado, let’s get to it!

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Best for: Flexibility

1. Ultahost

UltaHost's Forex VPS hosting service is designed specifically for traders who require a powerful, reliable, and low-latency virtual server to execute their trades. With UltaHost's Forex VPS hosting service, traders can benefit from a dedicated virtual server that is optimized for the needs of forex trading, with fast and stable connectivity to trading servers, as well as access to a range of trading-related tools and software. Full review

  • Low latency
  • Security and reliability
  • Scalability and flexibility
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Best for: Wide range of pricing

2. CheapForexVPS

Cheap Forex VPS is a freshly established VPS hosting service for traders who want effortless VPS management. Albeit new, this Forex VPS hosting service is partnered with globally recognized providers such as Equinix, Global Switch, and Level3. It also has scalable plans, allowing traders to upgrade or downgrade server resources based on requirements. Full review

  • Clear and wide pricing plans
  • Prominent Forex VPS Locations
  • 5-day money-back policy
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Best for: Affordability
CheapForexVps logo

3. Cheap-Forex-Vps

Most VPS hosting providers could only wish they had Cheap-Forex-VPS’s audacity to match prices. But this vendor isn’t just oozing with confidence to counter offers from other leading brands. It also has an army of technically proficient reps and subscribes to a benign approach to system maintenance. Full review

  • Price guarantee
  • MetaTrader 4 (MT4)–trained staff
  • Scheduled weekend maintenance
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Best for: Versatility
FxSVPS logo


What makes FxSVPS special is its large network and obligation-free VPS hosting for forex trading. But what truly sets it apart is its support for both Windows and Linux systems. Thanks to its lack of bias toward just one operating system (OS), you can revel in your unbridled freedom of choice. Full review

  • Free VPS hosting option
  • Windows and Linux support
  • 6+ non-US server locations
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Best for: Security


You can’t put a price on cyber security. But it would be insane to pay extra for impregnable VPS defenses when you’d get them for free with FxVPSPRO. Viewing security as a necessity rather than luxury, it can shield you from most threats that plague FX traders. Full review

  • Dozens of hosting plans
  • Lots of security features
  • 7-day refund policy
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Best for: Latency Reduction
Cloudzy logo

6. Cloudzy

No low-cost VPS host can talk more credibly about delivering minimal latency than Cloudzy. Its expansive global fleet of servers lends credence to its own claim. Thanks to its unbeatable network size, this vendor can feasibly reduce slippage no matter which broker you use. Full review

  • Custom pricing
  • 15 data center locations
  • Guaranteed downtime compensation
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Best for: Performance
FX VPS Pro logo

7. FX VPS Pro

FX VPS Pro can outperform the leading VPS hosts in its league. Its processing power is best-in-class; its memory is top-shelf; and its storage capacity is practically second to none. Even the most prolific traders won’t easily outgrow its powerful capabilities. Full review

  • Robust hardware specs
  • Dozens of hosting plans
  • Free VPS hosting option
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Best for: Ease of Entry
TradingFXVPS logo

8. TradingFXVPS

TradingFXVPS is probably the least demanding provider of VPS hosting services for forex traders out there. If high costs are the only thing holding you back, this vendor has you covered. Not only does it offer reasonable subscription fees, but also a risk-free trial and a generous money-back guarantee. Full review

  • Free VPS hosting option
  • 7-day paid trial
  • Premium forex signals
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Best for: Network Availability
Forex Cheap VPS logo

9. Forex Cheap VPS

Forex Cheap VPS belongs to a dying breed of VPS hosts that advertise 100% uptime and back that claim up. Its word is its bond. So if its network availability isn’t up to standard, it’ll be happy to compensate you for it. Full review

  • Free VPS hosting option
  • Enterprise-grade hardware specs
  • Guaranteed downtime compensation
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Best for: Scalability
FXVM logo

10. FXVM

Most forex virtual server hosts limit their scaling solution to package upgrades. But FXVM is a bona fide contrarian. It empowers you to increase the limits of your processing power, memory, and storage allotments like nobody’s business. And for less than a dollar, you test-drive this vendor’s service with reckless abandon. Full review

  • 7-day paid trial
  • 7 non-US server locations
  • Guaranteed downtime compensation
Visit Website Full review
Best for: Ease of Use
MyForexVPS logo

11. MyForexVPS

MyForexVPS is the last word in VPS access. This vendor moves mountains just so you can execute trades on whatever device you have available. And if you drive a hard bargain, you may be able to give its service a whirl for free. Full review

  • Proprietary remote access software
  • Negotiable free trial
  • Guaranteed uptime claim
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Best for: Customer Support
GigaPros logo

12. GigaPros

GigaPros extends customer support in a heartbeat. This cheap forex VPS vendor can indulge your strong need for urgent technical assistance through various channels. And if you’re willing to pay more for exceptional help desk responsiveness, you and GigaPros will get along just fine. Full review

  • Priority support
  • Self-managed VPS hosting option
  • Downtime compensation guarantee
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What Is a Forex VPS?

If the term “VPS” doesn’t ring a bell, here’s the lowdown:

A VPS stands for virtual private server. With this type of hosting service, you can rent a server component partitioned at the OS level through virtualization.

If a physical server were a pizza pie, a VPS would represent a slice assigned to one person.

In other words, VPS hosting entitles you to allotted resources. It’s a step above shared hosting but one below bare metal hosting.

Considering the sweet spot it occupies, it promises real value to those who want the best of both worlds.

If you use a VPS when trading forex, you’d have a remote computer designed for automating and executing trades. It has powerful specs and ensures uninterrupted trading on multiple platforms.

Other than reliable performance and connectivity, it’s synonymous with increased flexibility, dependable security, and excellent support.

Not all VPS hosting services are suitable for trading.

That’s why those specifically designed for FX traders are the great equalizer. They help you compete against institutional players on practically the same footing even if you lack their resources.

Apart from helping level the playing field, an FX VPS hosting subscription doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. If you look hard enough, you can find a service that can address your pain points without breaking the bank.

How To Choose the Right Forex VPS Hosting Provider

Rule number one: you can’t put all FX VPS hosting vendors in a single category.

Many are forex brokers that moonlight as VPS hosts, while others are generic hosting providers that accept everyone, including traders. And then there are the companies that live and breathe FX trading–optimized hosting.

If you’re pinching pennies, the urge to go with the cheapest VPS service, regardless of background, may be strong. You ought to fight it, though.

Affordability is a powerful motivator. But money isn’t the only thing that matters, nor should it be your main consideration.

So, how would you know which vendor is right for you?

Consider the following factors to identify the affordable forex VPS hosts that balance noticeable savings and great value.

Data Center Location

Learn about where a VPS hosting provider houses its hardware.

Being virtually located in your ideal jurisdiction enables you to tap market opportunities wherever you are.

The shorter your distance to exchanges, the faster you can execute trades. A speedy connection can result in decreased slippage.

As you know, timing is everything. So, you have to minimize latency every chance you get in order to move fast in a fast-moving market.

To do this, you need to rent a forex VPS that’s near your broker’s server.

Resource Allotment Maximums

Find out how much processing power, memory, bandwidth, and storage you can buy.

VPS hosting providers guarantee resources for each tenant, but everything has a limit. And the plan you choose single-handedly dictates the most you can use.

Fortunately, many vendors sell VPS hosting for forex trading with scalability in mind. Those that recognize the constraints of their standard packages offer ways to gain more functionality.

Then again, even upgrades and add-ons have limitations.

So, pay attention to resource maximums to know how much wiggle room you have in case you need to scale.

Supported Software

Know whether a host’s system is compatible with the forex trading software you’d like to use.

MetaTrader4 (MT4) is hands down the most popular platform of its kind. But it’s not the only game in town. cTrader and Protrader are gaining traction too.

Most VPS hosts that consider FX their niche market support the leading trading platforms. Still, dig deep to confirm if a host’s tech could set up the apps you need to ply your trade.

Software Installation and Configuration

Determine who’s in charge of setting up your software.

Managed hosting providers take care of all the dirty work. But their self-managed hosting counterparts draw the line at physical hardware maintenance, so the rest is up to VPS tenants.

With or without technical expertise, forex VPS hosting with managed support is advantageous. It lets you focus more on trading and less on setup, which is a desirable position to be in. 

If a host’s VPS hosting service is self-managed by default, it may offer a managed option. This luxury may cost top dollar, which can be a strain on your budget.

Data Security

Lean on a vendor that puts a premium on cyber defenses.

VPSes are hackable. Attacks could come in the form of brute force, malware, or DDoS. Cybercriminals are an innovative bunch, so hosts are burdened with the task of anticipating their moves at every turn.

Other than hackers, acts of nature, vandals, and faulty hardware components could compromise your data just as much.

Also, don’t overestimate your ability to keep your VPS server for forex trading secure. This is especially true when you have great control over it. Dealing with the everyday hassles of trading can distract you from giving data security the attention it deserves.

Needless to say, you ought to go with a VPS host that doesn’t take data protection lightly.

Using a managed hosting service takes care of half of the job. Generally, VPS hosts that willingly handle server management would take regular software updates and patches off your plate. They have protections in place to neutralize viruses and other types of malware.

If you choose to take the self-managed hosting route, you’ll have to do most of the heavy lifting yourself. To watch your six, you need to:

  • Configure your firewall properly.
  • Use strong passwords.
  • Audit your programs.
  • Keep your server OS updated.
  • Be on the lookout for vulnerabilities and fix them.

Either way, you need to save backups in order to prevent data loss in the event of a system failure.

Network Availability

Verify whether a budget forex VPS host guarantees network availability and how it defines downtime.

Every VPS hosting company worth its salt can deliver at least 99.90% uptime. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that its network would be unavailable for just 0.10% of the month.

More often than not, scheduled maintenance doesn’t count as downtime. Plus, the advertised percentage is merely an average rather than an absolute figure.

Furthermore, many vendors throw around the term “uptime guarantee.” But when the fine print doesn’t explain how they plan to back it up, then they probably don’t mean it.

A real guarantee pledges a form of compensation when the VPS is offline for longer than anticipated. Without explicit insurance against undue downtime, an uptime guarantee is no more than an empty promise.

Customer Support

Take note of the ways a vendor can come to your rescue.

Setting up a VPS for trading forex is fairly simple. But servers sometimes have a mind of their own. So, chances are that you’d need technical assistance at some point.

Live chat, email, and phone are typical channels for customer support. Round-the-clock help desk availability is the norm. And company-maintained forums inspire optimism.

Surprisingly, there are still vendors that are unreachable through some common communication methods. Others may monetize customer support by prioritizing subscribers of more expensive plans.

Premium support is yet another item that will inflate your bill. You’d probably bite the bullet only if you like a vendor very much.

So if you’re not crazy about a VPS host, this pill may easily be too bitter to swallow. After all, many companies view customer support as a standard offering – not an add-on.

Don’t forget about self-help material. Readable, audible, and video resources on tap can bail you out of confusing tech problems.

Wise FX VPS hosts see a ton of value in content creation and invest heavily in them. And those without helpful knowledge bases better have stellar, responsive support.


Go beyond standard plans and base prices.

Affordable forex VPS hosting providers use tiered pricing to attract traders with varying budgets and performance requirements.

But some capabilities may be available as extras only. If you need functionalities outside of your plan’s feature set, your costs can add up quickly.

Despite this, you can drive down your overall expenses if you pay more upfront. Without a doubt, lengthy billing cycles would be more cost-effective in the long run. 

With or without a contract, committing to a web host long-term would make sense only if you found it reliable.

Paid trials and money-back guarantees outweigh discounts any day. So, explore how you can meaningfully test a VPS for a reasonable time before parting with your cash for good.

In some cases, you may be able to host FX trading platforms on a VPS at no cost. You may avoid paying a hosting subscription fee in exchange for using a particular broker.

Detailed Reviews

Best for: Overall

1. Ultahost

High performance



With UltaHost's Forex VPS hosting service, traders can benefit from a dedicated virtual server that is optimized for the needs of forex trading, with fast and stable connectivity to trading servers, as well as access to a range of trading-related tools and software. The service is designed to meet the demanding requirements of forex traders, providing them with the resources and features they need to succeed in the fast-paced world of forex trading.

Key Features:

  • High performance: UltaHost's Windows VPS hosting plans come with powerful hardware resources and SSD storage, ensuring fast website loading speeds and smooth performance even during high-traffic periods.
  • Customizability: Customers have full administrative access to their VPS, enabling them to install custom software and configure the server to their needs.
  • Scalability: UltaHost's Windows VPS hosting plans are designed to be scalable, meaning that customers can easily upgrade or downgrade their resources as their needs change.

UltaHost offers several pricing plans for their Windows VPS hosting, starting at $15.90 per month for 2 CPU, 2GB RAM, and 50GB SSD storage. Higher-tier plans offer more resources, with the most expensive plan costing $240.90 per month for 12 CPU, 64GB RAM, and 750GB SSD storage.


  • Excellent performance: UltaHost's Windows VPS hosting plans offer excellent performance thanks to their powerful hardware resources and SSD storage.
  • Customizability: Customers have full administrative access to their VPS, enabling them to install custom software and configure the server to their needs.
  • Scalability: UltaHost's Windows VPS hosting plans are designed to be scalable, meaning that customers can easily upgrade or downgrade their resources as their needs change.

The cons of UltaHost's Windows VPS hosting service may include limited data center locations and lack of a free trial option. 

Overall, UltaHost's Forex VPS hosting service is an excellent choice for traders who require a reliable and low-latency virtual server to execute their trades. With features such as low latency, security and reliability, and scalability and flexibility, UltaHost's Forex VPS hosting service provides traders with the resources and support they need to succeed in the competitive world of forex trading. Whether you are a professional trader or just starting out, UltaHost's Forex VPS hosting service can help you optimize your trading operations, providing you with the tools and resources you need to make informed trading decisions and execute trades quickly and accurately.

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Best for: Wide range of pricing

2. ChepForexVPS

Clear and wide pricing plans

Prominent Forex VPS Locations

5-day money-back policy

Cheap Forex VPS is a promising VPS with an impressive uptime guarantee of 99.98%. As its name suggests, Cheap Forex VPS is an affordable vendor. The best value is $10/month, which you can get for $7.50/month if you pay two years money upfront.

Users can take complete control over their servers and effortlessly perform tasks like rebooting, restarting, or upgrading resources on the user-friendly interface. 

This vendor runs on a Hyper-V or hypervisor-based technology to provide the following:

  • CPU: 1 Core 2GHz+ up to 32 Core 64GHz+
  • RAM: 1GB DDR4 Memory up to 64GB DDR4 Memory
  • NVMe/Solid-state drive (SSD) storage:15 GB up to 200 GB
  • Bandwidth: 2TB up to 20TB

Cheap Forex VPS has servers with varying RAM capacities: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 GB DDR4 RAM. It allows you to run as many terminals as you need, depending on your subscription plan. You can always scale it for more terminal capacity.

Its data centers are in major Forex trading hubs: New York and London. Servers are backed by a network connection with a speed rate of 1 Gbps that minimizes latency and slippage.

Cheap Forex VPS comes with a dedicated IP address exclusively assigned to you. It remains constant throughout your usage, ensuring stability and security for your trading activities.


You may confuse CheapForexVPS with cheap-forex-vps.com. They have the same name but are different brands.

You can run any EAs and set up any broker software to your heart’s delight. However, cheaper plans aren’t compatible with all trading platforms, so you’ll have to check first. 

Here is a list of its supported platforms:

  • MT4
  • MT5
  • Multi Charts
  • NinjaTrader
  • Interactive Brokers
  • TradingView
  • cTrader
  • Tradestation

MT4/MT5 Auto startup is available. Meaning it runs on your trading platforms on every Windows boot. Setup time is only five minutes.

Cheap Forex VPS has reasonable pricing. It costs at least $10/month (quarterly price), but this plan can only run 1 MT4 terminal. Meanwhile, the most expensive one costs $304/month.

The cheapest plan only supports Windows 8, but higher-tier plans are compatible with the latest Windows versions until Windows 2022.

Round-the-clock assistance is another cornerstone of Cheap Forex VPS. Customer support is trained to accommodate trading queries, and its website has easy-to-follow how-to articles for logged-in users.


Considering its offerings, Cheap Forex VPS is a superior solution that lets your trading bots function efficiently. Its strategically positioned data centers ensure low latency and faster execution of trades. Your orders get filled faster, you have a reduced risk of slippage, and you can capitalize on market opportunities as soon as they arise.

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Best for: Affordability

3. Cheap-Forex-Vps

Price guarantee

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)–trained staff

Scheduled weekend maintenance

Cheap-Forex-Vps is a Windows VPS host that uses the Hyper-V virtualization platform to provide the following dedicated resources:

  • CPU: 384–6,000 Mhz
  • RAM: 512 MB–4 GB
  • Solid-state drive (SSD) storage: 12–40 GB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited

Reachable via email and support tickets, its staff is proficient in MT4. Its team can install and configure it within 24 hours. Likewise, you can rely on it to set up any broker software you desire.

That type of support, plus a dedicated IP (internet protocol), come free in Cheap-Forex-Vps’s Lite, Basic, Deluxe, and Ultra hosting plans.

The company believes that its subscription fees of $3.73–$52/month make it the cheapest VPS provider on the market. And its price guarantee promises to match any lower offers you might get.

Pre-installed with Windows Server 2008 R2 x64, its VPSes are perfect for running live and demo Expert Advisor (EA) accounts. They give you full admin access over Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) from Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, or Android.

If you choose Deluxe or Ultra, you can upgrade this default OS to Windows Server 2012 for $1/month.

Except for Lite, all hosting plans are available in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, and biennial billing cycles. Plus, you’ll get to pick between a US- or a Europe-based data center.

As for security, Cheap-Forex-Vps has designed its infrastructure to mitigate distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks should they happen.

Using the Anticipation Advantage methodology, it prevents minor issues from compounding. And to avoid unwanted downtime, Cheap-Forex-Vps schedules maintenance only on weekends.

You can also back up your data weekly for just $1/month.

Lastly, Cheap-Forex-Vps brags about 99.99% uptime without assurance that it would compensate you for any VPS forex server downtime. If you’re unhappy, you’ll have five days to ask for a refund.


Cheap-Forex-Vps’s decision to deviate from its advertised prices echoes its commitment to be the darling of budget-conscious FX traders.

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Best for: Versatility


Free VPS hosting option

Windows and Linux support

6+ non-US server locations

FxSVPS’s dozens of VPS hosting plans can make your head spin. For simplicity’s sake, here’s a summary of what you can expect:

  • Price: $3.73–$52/month
  • CPU power: 1–4 cores
  • RAM: 512 MB–5 GB
  • Pure SSD storage: 12–120 GB
  • Bandwidth: Up to 100 GB/month or unlimited

Virtualization-wise, the platforms it has adopted include Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) and VMware. This way, it can serve both Windows and Linux VPS users.

For the most part, FxSVPS’s Windows VPS packages come with a dedicated IP. The cheapest one doesn’t, but you can purchase it separately for $1/month.

By default, the OS is Windows Server 2012 R2. But you may be able to upgrade to Windows Server 2016 or 2019.

Like every forex VPS hosting provider, this one ensures full access, instant setup, and fast control panel activation time. It pre-installs MT4 and EAs, plus its hosting service is cTrader-optimized and supports auto MT4 startup.

Around 10–70 GB of backup storage space is part of the deal too.

The company has multiple data centers near major forex brokers and liquidity providers. Its server locations include Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Warsaw, and more.

Despite its confidence in minimizing latency, its seven-day money-back guarantee excludes issues arising from it.

Moreover, FxSVPS pledges 99.99% uptime. But you may not get any credit if it fails to keep that promise.

On the upside, you can reach its team via live chat, phone, email, Skype, etc., to restore your service ASAP. However, I wouldn’t say it has the most helpful and responsive help desk out there.

FxSVPS offers a lifetime free forex VPS hosting service too. But there’s a catch: you need to use any of its partner brokers, deposit a certain amount, and trade continuously. Your chosen broker and plan would set your monthly required lot.


If you prefer Linux to Windows, choosing FxSVPS is a no-brainer. You may have to stomach its paper uptime guarantee, though.

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Best for: Security


Dozens of hosting plans

Lots of security features

7-day refund policy

FxVPSPRO is a fully managed Windows VPS hosting provider.

It lets you choose between Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012 R2 and grants you full admin access.

Either way, you can expect its system to be agnostic. That’s why you can connect to any forex broker you want.

Latency would hardly be an issue. It has data centers in New York, London, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. So, you can trade from a location near your forex broker’s server.

Plus, this vendor pre-installs MT4/MT5, provides auto MT4 startup tools and can set up any custom software upon request. And it’s confident of getting your VPS up and running in as fast as 30 minutes or 5 hours tops.

Once everything’s ready, you’d be able to download and install any apps of your choosing over RDP.

So, how much resources does this trading VPS host provide?

Here’s what your money can buy:

  • CPU power: 1–4 cores
  • RAM: 800 MB–12 GB
  • Non-volatile memory express (NVMe) SSD storage: 20–30 GB
  • Pure SSD storage: 40–200 GB
  • Bandwidth: 2–4 TB or unlimited

FxVPSPRO offers a large selection of packages in up to six billing options, costing $5.59–$75.99/month.

The company’s affordable VPS hosting plans for forex trading are devoid of add-ons. Nevertheless, you can get useful security features like dedicated IPs, DDoS attack defense, and browser protection.

If you need technical assistance, you can talk to FxVPSPRO’s help desk via email, phone, or Skype. If they can’t solve your problem, you can ask for a refund during your first seven days and move on.

The company’s money-back guarantee strictly applies to unresolved tech difficulties, though. So, you can’t demand for your cash when the issue is latency-related.

Despite the bold 100% uptime claim, you may not get any compensation for VPS unavailability either.


FxVPSPRO isn’t immune to the usual inadequacies of VPS hosts. But it can certainly give you every security boost you need without causing your bill to balloon.

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Best for: Latency Reduction

6. Cloudzy

Custom pricing

15 data center locations

Guaranteed downtime compensation

Cloudzy’s VPS hosting service for traders is Windows-only, but it’s fully managed.

Worth $6.95–$299.95/month, its plans are payable every 1, 3, 6, 12, and 24 months. And all of its subscriptions come with free Windows OS. The company offers a wide range of OSes, but it recommends Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 or 2012 R2 x64 for forex trading.

This vendor’s virtualization platform of choice is KVM. And here are the resources you can buy from it:

  • CPU power: 2–12 cores
  • RAM: 2–64 GB
  • NVMe SSD storage: 30–800 GB
  • Bandwidth: 3–15 TB
  • 1 Gbps connection

You can also get:

  • MT4/5 and EA support
  • Instant activation
  • Full remote access via Virtual Network Computer (VNC)
  • Virtualizor control panel
  • One IPv4 IP

Cloudzy can set up everything for free. And it won’t lock you in a contract.

To keep latency to a minimum, this forex VPS hosting provider has been investing heavily in its global network. Currently, it has 15 server locations across 3 continents (North America, Europe, and Asia). And two more data centers are coming soon.

Most of its strategic VPS locations are premium, though. So, you have to pay extra to host your trading apps there.

Likewise, you can purchase up to four additional IPs as an add-on. To buy more, you can request a quote.

The same applies to hardware specs. If Cloudzy’s standard features don’t meet your needs, you can customize your plan.

This vendor’s advertised uptime is 99.95%. In case you experience any downtime due to Cloudzy’s fault, you can ask for a credit

For technical assistance, you can reach its responsive help desk through email, phone, or Skype.

And should you cancel your service within the first seven days, you can also get a refund.


Cloudzy’s FX trading VPS subscription fee can go from budget-friendly to expensive real quick. But its ability to reduce the impact of latency on your trading activity is priceless.

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Best for: Performance

7. FX VPS Pro

Robust hardware specs

Dozens of hosting plans

Free VPS hosting option

FX VPS Pro is Windows-centric. It has three categories of FX VPS hosting plans: regular, latency-optimized, and exclusive.

Your chosen package would dictate not only your OS options like Windows Server 2012 R2 but also determine where you can host MT4/5 or cTrader and the number of accounts you can run. However, you may be able to specifically pick New York or London as your data center location for an extra fee.

FX VPS Pro’s subscriptions cost $3.00–$85.90/month. And this vendor sells dedicated IPs separately for $1.09/month each.

Apart from taking care of software installation for you, this VPS hosting provider could set everything up in one hour max.

Here’s a primer on the maximum allotted resources you’d get across its 18 cheap forex server packages:

  • CPU power: 1–6 cores
  • RAM: 512 MB–48 GB
  • SSD RAID 10 storage: 15–200 GB

In terms of bandwidth, the limit starts at 1 TB. But some plans permit unlimited data transfer.

On the security front, it monitors the integrity of its network on end and also has a backup system.

Without providing insurance against downtime, it claims that its network can always stay operational even when there’s a power outage.

FX VPS Pro’s email tech support reps are on standby around the clock. The company is on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube too.

If you’re unsatisfied within the first three days of your subscription, you can cancel and get a partial refund.

To avoid paying for a subscription, use FX VPS Pro’s free service. To use and keep it, the conditions are as follows:

  • Use any of its nine partner brokers.
  • Deposit a minimum of $500–$30,000, depending on your chosen package.
  • Trade at least three times a month.


Although FX VPS Pro’s rather toothless uptime and money-back guarantees can be discouraging, its free VPS can minimize any risk.

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Best for: Ease of Entry

8. TradingFXVPS

Free VPS hosting option

7-day paid trial

Premium forex signals

By budget forex VPS hosting standards, TradingFXVPS’s monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual subscriptions are on the pricey side. Fully refundable within the first 30 days, its plans cost $20–$90/month for features like:

  • CPU power: 1–4 cores
  • RAM: 2–8 GB
  • NVMe storage: 30–50 GB
  • Bandwidth: Unmetered
  • Hyper-V virtualization tech
  • Windows Server 2012/2019
  • 1-minute VPS activation
  • MT4 and EA installation
  • MT4 auto logon
  • Up to 5 MT4 terminals
  • Malware and DDoS protection

That said, TradingFXVPS has a seven-day paid trial plan. For only $3.99, you’d get the following:

  • CPU power: 1 core
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • NVMe storage: 30 GB

This paid trial is practically indistinguishable from the regular low-cost VPS packages.

The only notable differences are that it’s limited to Windows Server 2012 and 3 MT4 terminals. And it offers no VPS checkpoints for $8–$14/month.

Similar to the paid TradingFXVPS subscriptions, this trial version lets you access your VPS via RDP, VNC, or mobile. With it, you can get help for any issue through phone, email, or Skype.

Plus, you get to pick between four forex servers locations: New York, London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. These strategically situated data centers are close enough to most brokers that you can achieve 1 ms latency.

Furthermore, TradingFXVPS offers forex VPS hosting for free.

To trade on MT4 without paying for hosting, you must have an account with any of its five partners. You need to maintain an account balance of at least $200 too.

Here’s the monthly trading volume per broker:

  • Axion Trade: 1 lot
  • Axitrader: 5–15 lots
  • Circle Markets: 15–25 lots
  • Redmars: 5–10 lots
  • Tickmill: 5–15 lots

Moreover, you can subscribe to TradingFXVPS’s forex signals with VPS managed service for $49/month.

Unfortunately, you can’t hold the company accountable for any disruptions, despite its 100% uptime claim.


The fact that you can’t buy a TradingFXVPS subscription for less than $10 may turn you off. But it has more than enough safeguards to help you get started with as little expense as possible.

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Best for: Network Availability

9. Forex Cheap VPS

Free VPS hosting option

Enterprise-grade hardware specs

Guaranteed downtime compensation

Forex Cheap VPS is not just another provider of Windows VPS hosting for trading forex. What you get is:

  • Free installation of Windows Server 2012 R2/2016
  • MT4/5 and cTrader setup
  • Support for all brokers
  • Responsiveness to all EAs and indicators
  • Full RDP access via desktop and mobile
  • One dedicated IP
  • DDoS protection

This vendor offers 12 packages, catering to average users, those who put a premium on latency, and enterprises. At most, you could pay for one year’s worth of fully managed VPS hosting service upfront.

Here’s how much Forex Cheap VPS could set you back and the resources you’d get:

  • Price: $4.99–$99.90/month
  • CPU power: 1–5 cores
  • RAM: 1–48 GB
  • SSD RAID 10 storage: 16–220 GB
  • Bandwidth: 1–4 TB or unlimited

The company has data centers in the US, Canada, the UK, and France, giving you good latitude in reducing latency.

You can reach its customer support via live chat, email, phone, Facebook, and Twitter.

In terms of network availability, Forex Cheap VPS backs its 100% uptime promise with a legit downtime compensation policy. Its subscriptions are fully refundable within the first three days.

If you want to harness this vendor’s forex VPS hosting capabilities for free, you’re in luck. Most of its VPS hosting packages won’t cost you anything if you’d use any of its partner brokers, including:

  • FBS
  • FXTM
  • Hotfore
  • Icmarkets
  • Instaforex
  • JustForex
  • Markets
  • RoboForex
  • XM

The caveat is that you have to deposit cash into your preferred broker’s account. The minimum amount would depend on your chosen plan, ranging $500–$20,000. Also, you need to trade no less than three times a month.

To keep using this free forex VPS trial, you have to deposit the next installment every month.


It’s good that Forex Cheap VPS doesn’t require you to buy a paid plan to use its service. And it’s even better that it offers solid guarantees should you proceed with a premium subscription.

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Best for: Scalability

10. FXVM

7-day paid trial

7 non-US server locations

Guaranteed downtime compensation

FXVM specializes in ready-to-go Windows VPS hosting services with a mere five-minute setup time.

It has optimized its Windows Server 2012/2016/2019/2022 systems for MT4/5 and NinjaTrader. But you can also use its network for TradeStation and broker proprietary trading platforms. It has no broker and EA usage restrictions either.

A dedicated IP and automatic weekly backups are included in any FXVM subscription. Plus, it has a lightweight startup program that can run up to 6 MT4/5 terminals every Windows boot.

The company’s global network isn’t too shabby. At the time of writing this forex VPS review, FXVM has 8 server locations, 3 of which are in Asia. And it’ll have a new data center in Africa soon.

FXVM offers few but customizable VPS packages that are refundable within seven days. For $16–$49/month, you can rent the following server resources:

  • CPU power: 1–2 cores
  • RAM: 1.5–4 GB
  • SSD storage: 40–70 GB
  • Bandwidth: 250 GB–1 TB

Most of these forex VPS server features aren’t set in stone. You can upgrade:

  • CPU power up to 4 cores for an additional $15–$45/month
  • RAM up to 6 GB for an additional $6–$48/month
  • SSD storage up to 80 GB for additional $3–$9/month

With all the bells and whistles, your FXVM subscription could cost up to $106–$121/month.

If you’re not prepared to spend this much, choose its seven-day paid trial. For just $0.99, you can get:

  • CPU power: 1 core
  • RAM: 1.5 GB
  • SSD storage: 40 GB
  • Bandwidth: 250 GB

FXVM’s 100% uptime commitment is no smoke and mirrors. For every 1 hour of downtime, it would credit you 5% of your most recent payment. Its live chat support isn’t only refreshing but also super responsive.


There's no denying that FXVM’s service could get pricey if you go the whole nine yards. But with its reliable insurance against buyer’s remorse, you can recoup your dough if you’re not fully satisfied.

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Best for: Ease of Use

11. MyForexVPS

Proprietary remote access software

Negotiable free trial

Guaranteed uptime claim

MyForexVPS has data centers in three locations: Amsterdam, London, and New York.

This VMware-based VPS host doesn’t offer the same capabilities across all server locations. The specifics are outside the scope of this forex VPS review, but here’s a primer on its features:

  • Amsterdam
    • Price: $9.99–$89.99/month
    • CPU power: 1–4 cores
    • RAM: 2–8 GB
    • SSD storage: 30–100 GB
  • London
    • Price: $9.99–$64.99/month
    • CPU power: 1–2 cores
    • RAM: 1–6 GB
    • SSD storage: 25–50 GB
  • New York
    • Price: $9.99–$81.99/month
    • CPU power: 1–3 cores
    • RAM: 1–6 GB
    • SSD storage: 30–50 GB

At most, you can pay 12 months in advance and run up to 50 MT4/5 platforms or more. Depending on your chosen VPS location, you can choose between Windows Server 2008 R2/2012 R2 and 2008/2012.

MyForexVPS doesn’t always provide a dedicated IP. But you may be able to buy one for $3/month if a shared IP is unacceptable to you.

The same goes for remote access. Primarily, you can control your VPS via RDP. But in some packages, you could use MyForexVPS’s proprietary browser-based client: myRDP

Irrespective of the plan, this cheap forex VPS vendor commits:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Instant VPS activation
  • Free 15-minute setup
  • Support for any broker, trading platform, and EA
  • Unlimited EAs
  • 1 Gbps uplink

Moreover, this VPS host swears by its 99.99% network availability. If its uptime guarantee fell short of expectations, it would grant you a service period extension. Just notify its highly approachable help desk via email or live chat about it.

On paper, MyForexVPS has no free trial. But you may be able to negotiate for one if you ask by submitting a support ticket.

What’s certain is its five-day money-back guarantee.


MyForexVPS’s web-based client is perfect if you’re usually on the go.

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Best for: Customer Support

12. GigaPros

Priority support

Self-managed VPS hosting option

Downtime compensation guarantee

GigaPros is a Windows-based VPS host, partitioning server resources with Hyper-V.

Since it provides self-managed hosting, you’d need to install the apps yourself. But your VPS would come with pre-installed MT4 and be accessible via RDP. And you can run EAs to your heart’s delight.

With GigaPros, you’d rent virtual forex servers in four data center locations: the US, France, Germany, and the UK. These options enable you to use any brokers based in North America and Europe with minimal latency.

So, how many GigaPros plans are there to choose from?

Four. Two “cheap,” two “premium.” Aside from price, customer support quality is the other notable difference between these categories.

Premium subscribers get to enjoy priority tech support and the option to receive assistance over the phone. The others don’t get the VIP treatment and have to settle with live chat reps and support tickets.

Is advanced tech support worth the extra expense?

Here’s the whole picture so that you can decide for yourself:

  • Cheap
    • Price: $10–$34/month
    • CPU power: 1–2 cores
    • RAM: 2–4 GB
    • SSD RAID-1 storage: 20–40 GB
    • Network speed: 100 Mbps
  • Premium
    • Price: $52–$136/month
    • CPU power: 2–3 cores
    • RAM: 2–4 GB
    • SSD RAID-10 storage: 40–60 GB
    • Network speed: 1,000 Mbps

Whichever direction you take, you’d get unlimited bandwidth and a static IP

However, its premium VPS packages for traders include a Windows OS. Plus, you’d be able to unlock these extras:

  • White label support: $4/ticket
  • File Transfer Protocol backup space: 2–100 GB for $0.95–$9.95/month
  • GigaPros Hacker Guard System: $19.95/month

On the other hand, the budget plan makes it possible to upgrade to managed VPS hosting for $9.99/month.

More importantly, GigaPros has dependable 99.90%–99.99% uptime, 30-day money-back, and 1-hour support ticket response guarantees.


GigaPros can give you the level of TLC you won’t find elsewhere. This vendor is definitely a strong candidate if you want to be pampered in your hour of need.

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Wrap Up

Comparing the merits of cheap forex VPS providers can be a taxing proposition.

Hopefully, this guide was able to enlighten you on the makings of a budget-friendly vendor that doesn’t compromise value.

If you’re also as bullish on our top picks as we are, stop reading and subscribe to your favorite!


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